Photography started as a hobby for me when I was a young adult.   I enjoyed capturing everyone and everything in photos to ponder later.  Thousands of snapshots later, I moved on to a digital camera and I was even more enthused with the instant images.  Around that same time my children were born and I realized I was addicted to photographing them.  No longer was I capturing inanimate objects, but rather every emotion my children displayed.  Often called the “mamarazzi” by my husband, I couldn’t get enough.  Now they are teenagers and I photograph them less than I would like because I respect their wishes, but they will always be my greatest stars.  As we have all aged I have also grown in the field of photography.  No longer a hobby, I now enjoy getting more creative with the camera.  Night photography and light painting, fulfilling parent requests to photograph their children, and photographing the brilliant coastal sky at sunrise or sunset are my latest endeavors.


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